Benefits Of Ballancer Pro Therapy

  • Safe and effective FDA-cleared
  • Wellness boost
  • Fastest recovery
  • Superior comfort
  • 40 years of clinical studies
  • Reliable results
  • Speeds up results after fat-loss procedures
  • Contours the body
  • Enhances circulation & lymphatic Flow
  • Helps with Post-Op recovery
  • Flushes out toxins & metabolic waste


Just recently introduced to the US, it is backed by 40 years of proven clinical studies from all across Europe. Ballancer® Systems are known as the “gold standard” for lymphatic drainage, enhancing circulation and recovery time as well as reducing muscular aches & pain.


The Ballancer® Pro is frequently combined with other treatments for optimum results.

It can enhance the desired outcome after CoolSculpting®, RF, Exilis, Cryotherapy, EMSCULPT®, Ultrasound, Endermologie, MLD as well as Kybella® and injectables.

After any surgical procedure, liposuction or mommy makeover lymphatic drainage is highly recommended to help recover faster and to reduce swelling and bruising.

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