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740YCryo Reviews

Highly recommend this for any athlete. I found this much easier than getting an I’ve bath, even though I was at -166°F. I felt the benefits almost immediately after I stepped out. Inflammation and soreness were gone and I felt more energized. The staff made it a quick and easy experience. I will be back.

740YCryo - Coulter

First time experiencing the whole body freeze. It did help with muscle soreness. Staff was very helpful as well. I’ll be back for sure!

740YCryo - Josh

Back in January 2022 I took a fall at work and have been suffering with back pain every since the fall. I visited 740Cryo today and to say I was a little skeptical was an understatement. I paid for one session just to see if it gave me any relief. I am in complete shock. My back pain isn’t gone but I can definitely feel the difference. Every time I go to PT they tell me my back is tight and I need to ice it to get rid of the Inflammation. Thank you Kelsey Smith for walking me through every step with great knowledge. You were a pleasure to work with and I will be back and I will be making an appointment for my husband.

740YCryo - Kim

Awesome therapy, great staff, I feel great!

740YCryo - Ray

Truly unique experience to be in a -166° environment. Quick, easy, and I felt the benefits of increased energy and alleviation of muscle soreness right after getting out. 10/10 would freeze again.

740YCryo - Christian

We just did our first whole body cryo! It was a great experience! The staff are very knowledgeable especially knowing it’s your first time! We are planning to buy a package to keep going. We feel amazing!

740YCryo - Kristen

My daughter had a fractured foot, Her 5th metatarsal. She was in a boot and I knew cryo therapy would be amazing for her! We went once and sometimes twice a week if we could. Her foot healed in 3 weeks!!!!!! The doctor was actually really impressed how it looked as he told her it may take 6-8 depending! I really feel the cryo totally helped the healing process speed up!

740YCryo - Stephanie

Very clean work place, Employees (Anna) was super polite and very patient with me through the process. 5 ⭐️ review and even bought a package to come back for more sessions.

740YCryo - Jason

My first time experiencing the leg compression was excellent!

740YCryo - Julie

Went for the first time yesterday and it was awesome. The staff is very helpful and friendly as well!

740YCryo - Lesley

Such a great experience!!!

740YCryo - Katie

740YCRYO has an amazing staff that makes each experience pleasant. I freeze at least every other week and have tried whole body cryotherapy, cryo facials and cryoslimming. Check them out...you’ll feel amazing!

740YCryo - Jennifer

This was a tremendous help. I had issues with my neck and had a treatment with the wand and in 24 hours I was 75% better in 48 hours it was resolved and I couldn’t be happier. I had been struggling for over 2 weeks so I will definitely be adding this to my treatment plan.

740YCryo - Gina

The compression therapy felt extremely good on my legs. The cryo freeze was a nice alternative to an ice bath.

740YCryo - Jeremy
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